GoPro Not Detected By Computer When Connected by USB

GoPro Not Detected By Computer When Connected by USB
GoPro Not Detected By Computer When Connected by USB

I bought a GoPro camera so I could start videoing my repairs and was all excited to test it out, and then I started having problems–when I connected it to my Mac (or PC for that matter), it would charge but the computer would not detect that it was connected.  Here’s how I figured out and fixed the problem.

GoPro Not Detected By Computer When Connected by USB


 Step 1: Turn the GoPro on and connect the GoPro via USB.

What is interesting is that you get the very promising message that you see at the top of this article, “USB Connected Camera Files Accessible.”  LIE!

GoPro “USB Connected Camera Files Accessible” message

Step 2: Reboot laptop, power cycle GoPro, try plugging into a PC, still no change.

When you get a new camera you want to test it out!?!?!?  This is frustrating.

Step 3: Call GoPro tech support at (888) 600 4659.

The first thing the support person asked was whether I had tried a different USB Cable.  Then it occurred to me–I must be using the Wasabi charger USB cable:

My Wasabi USB cable would not sync my GoPro Camera with my computer–it’s charge only

It was true, I wasn’t using the official GoPro USB Cable, which has the GoPro logo on it:

The GoPro USB cable works perfectly to sync my GoPro

What do you know?  The Wasabi USB cable must not have data wires and therefore you cannot sync with it!?!?!?!?   Problem solved–don’t try to sync with your Wasabi power USB cable.

I emailed Blue Nook, the company that provides technical support for Wasabi products and received the following email response from them, confirming that the Wasabi USB cable is power only:

Wasabi (Blue Nook) technical support response email
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