How to Fix Water Standing in Bottom of Dishwasher

Dirty standing water left in dishwasher after it runs
Dirty standing water left in dishwasher after it runs

We began finding dirty water standing in the bottom of our 10+ year old KitchenAid dishwasher.  I could replace it but why replace it if you can fix it!?!?!  I’m at least going to try to fix it!

How to Fix Water Standing in Bottom of Dishwasher


  • KitchenAid Sculptura Undercounter Dishwasher Model KUDR24SE or KUDY24SE

Tools Needed:

One thing to note (if you recently installed a new garbage disposal):

If you have recently installed a new garbage disposal that your dishwasher drain hose connects to please know that there is a “knock out” that you must break out to open the dishwasher drain in the garbage disposal.  This drain is blocked just in case you do not have a dishwasher connected to it.

Step 1: Locate the drain hose under the kitchen sink.

If you have a garbage disposal it is likely that your dishwasher drain hose connects directly to the garbage disposal.

Dishwasher drain hose running through cabinet wall and connecting to disposal

Step 2: Remove the hose clamp with a pliers.

Squeeze the hose clamp and push it back onto the hose.

Removing the hose clamp from the dishwasher drain hose
Hose Clamp Removed

Step 3: Pull the dishwasher drain hose off the garbage disposal.

It should come off easily by hand.
Dishwasher drain hose removed

Step 4: Inspect the inside of the drain hose.

For me it was obvious that the hose was plugged with nasty stuff:
Dishwasher drain hose plugged

Step 5: Clean out the dishwasher drain hose.

I tried using a straightened coat hanger but the stuff plugging my hose wasn’t coming out.  I decided to take my wet/dry vac and suck the stuff out of the hose.  I ended up discovering that this would drain all the water out of the bottom of the dishwasher as well–so be careful because your shop vacuum probably cannot hold that much water!  I had bailed out the water by hand a couple times and this worked a lot faster for sure.

Step 6: Reinstall the hose on the garbage disposal.

Hose reinstalled on the garbage disposal dishwasher drain stub

Step 7: Reinstall the hose clamp.

Put it right in the middle of where the ridges are on the stub that the hose slips onto.

Step 8: Test out your dishwasher.

You’ll be surprised at how much better it drains with a clean drain hose!

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  • I also had a problem of standing water but my dishwaher doesn’t have a disposal unit. Here is how I fixed mine.

    It needed a new part called “Dishwasher Piston and Nut Assembly for Check Valve” … just a small part about $10.00
    The rubber stopper on this part gradually wears away because of the abrasive soap pods after years of use… see link for part The part can be found inside the dishwasher just at the top of the drain compartment. You might have to remove a screw or two to gain access. Just look for where the water enters the drain. Once the screws are removed the part can be removed by hand. It’s a simple repair takes about 10 minutes.

    US Link:
    Canadian Link:

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