How to Fix Wireless Garage Keypad Not Working

How to Fix Garage Remote Keypad Will Not Work
How to Fix Garage Remote Keypad Will Not Work

If you changed the batteries but your wireless garage keypad still will not work then I think I have a solution for you.  My friend had a wireless garage remote keypad that would not work and they thought it was just low batteries.  I put new AAA batteries in it but it still didn’t work.  Follow along to learn how to fix wireless garage keypad not working…

How to Fix Wireless Garage Keypad Not Working


Tools Needed:

Step 1: Open up the battery compartment.

Press in and slide the battery compartment down.

Instructions for opening the battery door of the garage remote keypad
Open the battery door

Step 2: Remove the batteries.

Pop out the batteries:

Diagram showing how to remove the garage remote keypad batteries
Remove the batteries

Step 3: Check the remote’s battery contacts for corrosion.

Look at the place where the ends of the battery come into contact with the remote and look for signs of corrosion.  In the picture below, the top right one still has dark corrosion on it but I had already started scraping off the lower right terminal:

Diagram of battery contacts to check for corrosion
Check the battery contacts for corrosion

The battery contacts should be shiny and silver but as you can see from this close-up, there is corrosion on there:

A close-up of the battery contact corrosion
A close-up of the battery contact corrosion

Step 4: Sand/scrape the corrosion off the battery contacts.

I used a utility knife to carefully scrape the corrosion off the contacts:

Scraping off the corrosion
Scraping off the corrosion

You also could use a piece of fine sandpaper (220 grit or higher).  When you are done the contacts should be shiny:

Cleaned battery contacts
Cleaned battery contacts

Step 5: Reinstall the batteries.

The polarity of the batteries is printed on the circuit board:

Battery polarity marked on the circuit board
The battery polarity is printed on the circuit board
Batteries reinstalled
Reinstall the batteries


Step 6: Test the remote.

Before you put the cover back on go ahead and test the remote.  If you have an Overhead Door brand remote it will remember the code you have programmed into it.  Once I cleaned the contacts this remote worked the first time:

Garage door going up
The remote works!!

Step 7: Reinstall the remote battery cover.

The Overhead Door remote that I was working on must be slid on from the very bottom.  I didn’t get a picture of it but here’s a diagram of how to do it:

Diagram of how to reinstall the garage door keypad battery door
Slide on the battery door from the very bottom as shown above

Successful with this repair?  Do you have a tip to add?  Please leave a comment!

I wonder how many of these remotes get thrown away when they could be easily fixed.  Let me know in the comments if this trick worked for you.  If you were able to solve your broken garage remote in a different way please share that as well.

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