About Share Your Repair

About John Mueller, Founder of Share Your Repair

The picture above is myself and my then four-year-old son David, who was saying “cheese” for the camera, taken in November of 2014.

It Began at JohnFixesStuff.com

I’m an electrical engineer by education, a family man with a wife and three kids, a prolific problem solver, I love to learn, and my MacBook Pro laptop feels like an extension of myself.  I started a blog called John Fixes Stuff on the Blogger platform back in 2012 out of my love for solving real problems, writing, and teaching.   I’m the guy to whom everyone brings their broken phone, car, computer, appliance, or home improvement issue.  I solve a lot of problems as part of my work, I do it by necessity and at home, and I get a lot of fulfillment out of solving problems–so the blog just came naturally to me.  Here’s a screenshot of what John Fixes Stuff looked like:

John Fixes Stuff Homepage, July 2015
John Fixes Stuff Homepage, July 2015

More than a Hobby

After writing over 300 articles, John Fixes Stuff was averaging 100,000 pageviews/month, generated a respectful monthly income, and I was enjoying writing articles and interacting with my readers.  I began to be encouraged by others that this was more than just a hobby for me.

I began brainstorming what would be the next step for John Fixes Stuff and how I could take the site to the next level.  I realized how much I was holding this site back by being the only one writing and how big it could be if others joined me.  In the past, before I started my blog, I looked for a website to post my repair articles and I couldn’t find one.  The idea came to me to turn John Fixes Stuff into an open place where others could author step-by-step repairs as well.  “John Fixes Stuff” doesn’t communicate that I’m inviting others to share, so I began brainstorming names.  I came up with Share Your Repair and low and behold the domain name was available so I purchased it.

Will You Join Me?

I moved over 300 articles from johnfixesstuff.com over to ShareYourRepair.com and now I’m looking for fellow contributors.  Would you join me in writing detailed step-by-step articles on the things you fix, and Share Your Repair?  Please share a bit about yourself and why you would like to join me on my contact me page.