How to Install Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer in Windows XP

How to Install Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer in Windows XP
How to Install Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer in Windows XP

If you aren’t using an adblocker in your web browser you don’t even know what you aren’t missing–like all those nasty advertisements that are designed to shock you and catch your attention.  They are tasteless and often very inappropriate and I don’t want to see them.  And you don’t need to be looking at them at all.  Here’s an example of’s website with (left) and without (right) Adblock Plus:

Yahoo’s homepage with and without Adblock Plus

This post comes in a series of posts all along the theme of blocking content you don’t want to see on the internet.  Here are all the posts in this series:

I recommend AdBlock if you are browsing with Chrome:

Adblock Plus is required for Internet Explorer (AdBlock won’t run in I.E):

How to Install Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer in Windows XP

If you are running Windows XP and Internet Explorer, here is how to install Adblock Plus and stop seeing all those ads…

Step 1: Go to the official Adblock Plus website.

Click on the following link to go to the Adblock Plus official website:

Step 2: Download the software for free.

Click on the green “Install for Internet Explorer” button.

Adblock Plus official website

Step 3: Save the file you are downloading to the desktop.

A window will pop up entitled “File Download – Security Warning.”  Click the “Save” button.  I tried clicking “Run” but nothing happened after it downloaded.  Save the file on the suggested desktop.

File Download – Security Warning window — Click “Save”

Step 4: Open the folder where you downloaded the file.

When the “Download Complete” window shows up click on the “Open Folder” button.

Download complete window – Click on “Open Folder”

The folder open in the File Explorer:

Adblock Plus installer file in the Windows File Explorer

Step 5: Run the adblockplusieX.X.exe file

Run the adblockplusieX.X.exe file where the X.X will be a number that stands for the current version, currently 1.1).  Double click on the file in the File Explorer.

Step 6: Click Run at the security warning.

When you run the file, because it is a downloaded file, it will verify if you are sure you want to run it.  Click the “Run” button.

Open File – Security Warning — Click “Run”

Step 7: Install Adblock Plus for IE.

Click the “Install” button when the installer window pops up.

Adblock Plus for IE Setup Window — Click “Install”

You will see a “Setup Successful” window when it is done.

Adblock Plus for IE installation successful

Step 8: Close and then re-launch Internet Explorer.

You will see a webpage open up declaring that “Adblock Plus has been installed.”  You will also see the ABP stop sign icon in the bottom status bar tray of Internet Explorer.

Adblock Plus has been installed

Now you will be browsing with a LOT less ads.

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