How to Replace Wheels on Honda Harmony HS520

How to Replace the Wheels on a Honda Harmony HS-520 Snow Blower
How to Replace the Wheels on a Honda Harmony HS-520 Snow Blower

I discovered that I had a broken wheel on my Honda Harmony HS520 while replacing the paddles, scraper bar, and changed the oil on my Honda HS520, which I wrote about here:

Honda Harmony HS 520 Won’t Blow Snow-How to Replace the Paddles and Scraper Bar

How to Change the Oil on a Honda Harmony HS 520 Snow Blower

I didn’t want to put more money into it but it’s a good snow blower so I opted to go ahead and finish fixing it.  I ordered a replacement and here is how you replace it…

How to Replace Wheels on Honda Harmony HS520


  • Honda Harmony Honda Harmony HS 520 Snow Blower, Model HS520A

Parts Needed:

Tools Needed:


Broken wheel on Honda Harmony HS-520 Snow Blower

Step 1:  Use a large flat head screwdriver to pry the hub cap off the wheel.

The cap that is on the end of the hub is what holds the wheel on.

Pry the cap off with a large flat-head screwdriver

These caps really are not made to be removed so be careful not to totally destroy it when you are prying it off.  You’ll need to pry in different places around the outside of the cap, prying against the wheel to work the cap off:

Work your way around the cap

My cap actually cracked a bit when I pried it off:

Cracked Hub Cap

Step 2: Remove the old broken wheel.

I had to twist and pull to get the wheel to come off the shaft.

Wheel removed from Honda Harmony HS520 Snow Blower

Step 3: Slide the new wheel back on the shaft.

It fits tight but should slide on easily.

Reinstalling new wheel on the shaft

Step 4: Tap the hub cap back on the end of the shaft.

I needed to bend the cap a bit with a pliers to get it back in shape.  I don’t know how long it will hold but if it comes off I am going to drill a small hole in the shaft and slide a 1/2″ washer on after the wheel and then insert a cotter pin to hold the wheel on.  If I need to do that I’ll update this post with the details.

Tapping the hub cap back in place

Now I’m really ready for the snow to fall having replaced the paddles and scraper bar, changed the oil, and now changed the wheel.

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