How to Set a Dialog QS1500 Touchtalk Interactive Keypad, Part No 60-924-3-01, in Chime Mode


  • Dialog QS1500 Touchtalk Interactive Keypad, Part No. 60-924-3-01
  • GE Simon 3 Alarm panel, Part Number 60-875
If you have a talking touchpad at your door but your Simon 3 alarm panel is a long way away so you cannot hear it from the door, it may be good for your talking touchpad to make siren sounds, alarm sounds, or status beeps (like informing you that you have xx seconds to disarm the alarm).  By default the talking touchpad is in “key” mode to conserve power.  It does take more battery power to run in “chime mode.”  Here are the definitions of the two modes:

In key mode, voice feedback is heard only at the keypad when a system command is entered (into the remote keypad).  Examples of this would be: system status, arming and disarming.  In this mode the keypad does not repeat siren sounds and will not make any alarm sounds or status beeps.  This feature extends battery life to the keypad and gives feedback only to the user who needs it.  When the keypad is in key mode it is compatible with Simon 3 panels version 3.3 and newer.

 In chime mode, all voice feedback that is heard in key mode, plus, trouble beeps, entry/exit beeps and alarm sounds (Fire, Aux, Police) are heard at the keypad.  The keypad will also respond to panel broadcast messages at multiple keypads.  While in chime mode the keypad can be supervised and will send supervision messages to the panel.  In chime mode the keypad is compatible with Simon 3 panels version 4.0 and newer.

To change the mode of the talking touchpad:
Step 1: Insert 2 of the 3 batteries into the back of the talking touchpad.  Insert 2 of the 3 batteries and partially insert the third battery but do not allow the connections to touch and the remote to be powered.
Step 2: Hold down the Lights On and the Lights Off buttons.  Do this with the one battery still out.
Step 3: Insert the remaining battery.  With the lights on and off buttons down, insert the remaining battery.   The keypad will then sound a long beep.
Step 4: Release the Lights on and Lights off buttons.  The keypad will stop playing the long beep when you release the buttons.
Step 5: Press 8 to program key mode OR Press 9 to program chime mode.  If you press 8 you will hear, “No chime hello, touchpad ok.”  If you press 9 you will hear, “Chime hello, touchpad ok.”
Note: if you have changed the mode of the keypad since you programmed the keypad into the Simon 3 alarm panel you will need to delete the keypad from the alarm and then re-program it to take advantage of the new mode.  See my other blog posting, “How to Add a Sensor to a GE Simon 3 Alarm System” for adding a keypad to the alarm panel.
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