How to Insert Pages Into a Pdf on a Mac

Pdf’s are a part of everyday life if you use computers much anymore.  We need to send them, receive them, and often we need to manipulate them.  If you own a Mac running OS X manipulating pdf’s is easy and, in fact, it’s built in to the OS.  With OS X you can do the following.  Click on the other pages in the list to see their steps.

How to Insert Pages Into a Pdf on a Mac

Step 1: Open the pdf in Preview.

By default, Preview opens all pdfs.  If you have changed the default program to something else you’ll need to browse to your Applications directory and launch it manually (or simply type preview in your spotlight search).  If you have Preview nestled in your dock you can simply drag and drop a pdf file onto the icon.

Step 2: Make sure the “View Thumbnails” is turned on.

You can toggle this option at the “View > Thumbnails” option at the top of the screen or by the keyboard shortcut of “Option-Command-2”.  The thumbnails show up by default on the left side:

You can see the thumbnails in the left column of Preview

Step 3: Open both pdfs at once.

Then position them on your screen so the file that has the page(s) you want to insert into the other is on top and you can see the thumbnails of the second one behind it.

Here I’ve positioned the two files so you can see the thumbnails of the one behind the file on top

Step 4: Click and drag the pdf thumbnail from the one pdf to the other and drop it into the thumbnail column.

The thumbnails will move to allow you to insert the page(s) into the other pdf.  They don’t get removed from the original file, only added to the new file.

Drag-and-drop the page(s) from one thumbnail sidebar to the other
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