How to Replace Batteries in APC Smart-UPS 1000

How to Replace the Batteries in an APC Smart-UPS 1000
How to Replace the Batteries in an APC Smart-UPS 1000
The Battery Charge lights were all blinking green on our APC Smart-UPS 1000 and I contacted APC about what that means.  It turns out that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the batteries are bad, but just that the remaining capacity is less than what you have the timed warning limit set at.  I can’t remember what the default is, something like 3 minutes.  Anyway, it had been over 3 years since I had replaced these batteries so I decided it was good maintenance to do it anyway.  Here’s how you can do it too…

How to Replace Batteries in APC Smart-UPS 1000


  • APC Smart-UPS 1000, Model: SUA1000 (the closest current model can be found here)

Parts Needed:

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Screw driver (if you need a set of screwdrivers, get them here)

Step 1: Unplug the Smart-UPS from the wall.

Step 2: Disconnect the batteries.

There is a disconnect plug on the back–it is a triangular piece of plastic with an exclamation point on it.  Pull it out.  Note: it is tethered by a piece of plastic.

Battery disconnect

Step 3: Pop the front face off.

There is a place to grab on each side of the UPS on the sides towards the top for you to get a hold of the face to pop it off.  This front panel pops on and off a lot like many car interior panels with a spring tab that fits into a slot–there are 4 of these that hold this front face on the APS.  Note: there is a ribbon cable that connects the front face to the UPS so be aware of that when you are removing the face.

There’s a place to grab a hold of the front panel on each side
The red arrows point to the spring tabs that insert into 4 slots in the front of the APC

Step 4: Lay the front face up on top of the UPS.

There is plenty of ribbon cable to do this:

Lay the front panel on top of the UPS, watch for the ribbon cable

Step 5: Remove the two phillips-head screws at the top corners of the battery compartment door on the front.

Set them aside for you will need to put them back in when you are re-assembling the unit.

Battery compartment screw locations

Step 6: Lay the battery compartment door down.

It is connected/hinged at the bottom edge and you do not need to remove it.

Battery compartment door open

Step 7:  Slide the batteries out.

Be aware of the battery cable length–I was able to slide them almost all the way out.  To slide them out I reached in and put my fingertips in the seam between the two batteries and pulled them right out.  The batteries that were in there were stuck together with some double-sided adhesive.

The batteries have been slid straight out

Step 8: Disconnect the positive, negative, and the jumper between the batteries.

For this APC the connections just slide on/off.  Note that both batteries are oriented with their positive terminal toward the front.  This is called a “series” connection–the two batteries’ voltage adds up.  The jumper in the middle was stuck to the batteries but you can just pull it off:

Jumper was stuck to the battery case–simply pull it off
Here the old battery, disconnected, with the new batteries ready to install

Step 9: Orient the new batteries on the metal door in the fashion seen in the picture above and connect the new batteries.

From top to bottom the terminals should go: black, red, black, red.  The jumper that goes between the two batteries doesn’t matter which end goes on which battery but mine was adhered to the battery so I could see which end used to face down.  Here my new batteries are re-connected:

New batteries re-connected

Step 10: Slide the batteries back into the UPS.

Here the new batteries have been reinstalled

Step 11: Close the battery compartment door and reinstall the two screws.

I had a difficult time lining up the front panel so I could reinstall those screws so you’ll need play around with the front panel to get it to work.

Here the screws are reinstalled

Step 12:  Place the front panel back in place and snap back on.

You should be careful to feed the ribbon cable back in the hole where it comes out.  I got the front panel to snap back on by tapping it with the palm of my hand.

Step 13:  Re-connect the batteries.

Reinsert the triangular plug you pulled out in Step

Reconnecting the battery disconnect jumper

Step 14: Reconnect everything.

Plug in the devices you had connected to the UPS, your USB monitoring cable (if you had that connected to your computer), and you are ready for unexpected power outages again.

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