How to Scan Files to Dropbox

How to Scan Files to Dropbox
How to Scan Files to Dropbox

I like to digitize everything and therefore I am scanning a lot of documents.  There’s plenty of room to automate the process so I’m always playing around with what the easiest way of saving scanned files.  Here’s how to send files to dropbox from your scanner.

How to Scan Files to Dropbox

Step 1: Set up your scanner to send you email attachments of the scans.

Each scanner will be different.  Our Brother MFC-8950DWT will email you directly using whatever SMTP server you set up.  I have created a custom email address for our Brother scanner which makes this easy.

Step 2: Set up a custom rule.

This rule will save all emails from your scanner’s email address to your dropbox account.  Here’s what my rule looks like:

You’ll need to customize the “New email from” address to be the email address you’ve assigned to your scanner.

Step 4: Scan away and watch the web work for you.

I have notifications turned on for dropbox in OS 10.9 Mavericks so I can see the files being saved into my dropbox as it happens:

Notification of scanned file being added to my Dropbox Folder

I have separate rules for my account so an rule runs for faxes I receive and places them in my dropbox as well (in a separate folder inside Dropbox).  I tried using, which gives you a unique email address that whenever you forward an email to that address with an attachment, it adds it to your dropbox but because our scanner uses the same attachment name it would just overwrite the previous file and often I run a bunch of scans through so that didn’t work–I’d only end up with the last scan I made 🙁

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