How to Delete Sensor on GE Simon XT Alarm

How to Delete Sensor on GE Simon XT
How to Delete Sensor on GE Simon XT
Do you want to delete a sensor you no longer use?  Do you have a bad sensor you want to delete?  Follow my detailed step-by-step instructions to delete a sensor on a GE Simon XT Alarm…

How to Delete Sensor on GE Simon XT Alarm


Step 1: Press the down arrow (below the OK) until the screen says “System Programming” and then press the “Ok” button.

The “System Programming” menu on a GE Simon XT

Step 2: Enter the programmers 4-digit access code and press the “Ok” button.

This is not the code you use to arm the alarm but a separate code for setting up the alarm.  If you don’t know it talk to the company you purchased the alarm from.  The alarm will not tell you that you entered an incorrect password–if the menu you are looking for isn’t there after you enter the code, you’ve likely entered the wrong code.

You must know the programmer’s code to delete a sensor

Step 3: Press the down arrow until the screen says “Sensors” and then press the “Ok” button.

The sensor programming section on a Simon XT

Step 4: Press the down arrow once and the screen will say “Delete Sensor.”  Press the “Ok” button.

The “Delete Sensor” menu section on a Simon XT

Step 5: Press the down or up arrows to select the sensor you would like to delete and then press the “Ok” button to delete the sensor.

The first sensor it will list will be the CDMA or GSM module:

Sensor 40 is the Alarm’s Wireless radio–don’t delete that 🙂

Did you accidentally delete sensor 40?  No problem, simply power cycle the alarm and it will be back again–no big deal.

Hint:  Press the “Status” button to go back at any time.

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